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Cocktails made of the Sea-buckthorn Nectar for all the seasons

Sunny spring cocktail:

The Sea-buckthorn Nectar: 300 ml
Joviality: 2 hints
Spring sun: 15 minutes
Shake all well, energy, optimism and joy guaranteed!

Refreshing summer cocktail:

The Sea-buckthorn Nectar: 200 ml
Fresh made peppermint tea: 200 ml
Boil water, adding a peppermint tea. Cool the tea and blend it with the Sea-buckthorn Nectar. Great refreshment in a hot summer day!

Energy cocktail in autumn time:

The Sea-buckthorn Nectar: 1l
Ice - cream: 1l
Banana: 1 piece
Blend all the components until it turns into a homogeneous pulp. Enjoy!

Immunity cocktail for winter:

The Sea-buckthorn Nectar: 1l
Spices: nutmeg (1/3 teaspoon), cloves (7 pcs.), cinnamon, vanillin (optional)
Boil the Sea-buckthorn Nectar in pot till 800C, add the nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and vanillin. Close the lid and keep warm for half-hour to infuse. That’s right for chilling winter night! 

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