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Edita Romāne

Dr. Pharm., Rīga Stradiņš University, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Pharmaceutics

The sea-buckthorn is the most beautiful in autumn when its branches are densely covered by a yellowish-orange colour juicy fruits. It is hard to believe that the sea-buckthorn doesn’t belong to the flora of Latvia. That’s right – it is introduced, though feels like home here. Not always introduced plants are pure blessing, like in case with the dangerous cowparsnip. The sea-buckthorn, in contrary, really enjoys us with its multiple valuable qualities.

The sea-buckthorn grows wild in some areas of the Asia, particularly in Siberia; therefore, it is widely used in ethnomedicine here as well as in Tibet. Tibetan lamas still consider the sea-buckthorn as one of the most valuable medicaments. Even looking from the point of view of modern knowledge one can say that descriptions of its miraculous qualities are not just exaggeration.  For instance, fruits of the sea-buckthorn are really incomparable product among others as foodstuff or source material for medicine.

Fruits of the sea-buckthorn contain a lot of biologically active ingredients, e.g. carotenoids, vitamins C, E and K, several vitamins of the group B, vitamin F or concentrate of irreplaceable unsaturated fatty acid.

Carotenoids contain the carotenes responsible for forming of the vitamin A in the human body. Carotenes as well as vitamin A absorbs only if it is dissolved in fat, therefore, e.g., carrots are better used if prepared with oil, butter or cream. Advantage of fruits of the sea-buckthorn is that the carotenoids are already in content of the oily pulp (up to 8%) and kernel (up to 13%).

Another significant advantage of the sea-buckthorn is that its fruits and products not only contain a lot of the vitamin C, but preserve it well in contrary to quickly volatile hips of a brier-rose or fruits of a blackcurrant.

Comparing content of vitamin E in fruits of wild and garden, only cloudberries prevail. In its turn, fruits of the sea-buckthorn contain 2 – 3 times more of the vitamin K than other cultivated plants.   

Initially, researchers accredited unsaturated fatty acids, vital to avoid the health disorders, as vitamins and gave them a name of the vitamin F. Nowadays mentioning the vitamin F we mean the group of these acids and we call them irreplaceable because they are not produced in a human body or are produced insufficiently. Therefore, it is necessary to ingest them with a food. Thus all the products containing unsaturated fatty acids are crucial part of our daily ratio, forming other fatty acids and metabolites, being so important for normal metabolism and maintenance of many significant functions of a human body.

All the mentioned above proves that the juice of the sea-buckthorn has excellent nutritional value as a natural source of polyvitamins and unsaturated fatty acids to supply a human body with vital nutritients. Including the naturally rich juice of the sea-buckthorn in our daily ratio it will be extremely sustainable, especially for those living or working in unfavourable working conditions as heat, frostiness, humidity, chemicals, ionizing radiation, strain, exhaustion and to optimize recuperation. Addicted persons, e.g. smokers need increased amount of the vitamin C every day; it helps to the alcoholics as supplementary aid to prevent toxic damages to their leaver and to detoxicate from alcohol. 

Dalija Segliņa

Latvian State Institute of Fruit-Growing in Dobele City Dr. Sc. ing.

Sea-buckthorn fruits, thanks to their unique chemical composition, are becoming increasingly accessible for today's society. Over the course of time, we are seeking for a chance to offer our consumers an effective, tasty and healthy product, preserving as much as possible biologically active substances existing in the sea-buckthorn.

Drinks are exactly regarded as the optimal kind of products to be used for any human diet. Processing technology used by the company “Satori Alfa” Ltd allows enriching the Sea-buckthorn Nectar with unsaturated fatty acids from the sea-buckthorn seed oil.

Sea buckthorn seed oil contains more linoleic and-linolenic acid, while the oil of the fruit pulps - more of palmitic and oleic acid. Therefore, by consuming of the unpasteurized Sea-buckthorn Nectar, we ingest a significant amount of functionally active substances, which improves our health. The Sea-buckthorn Nectar is a great ingredient in preparation of cocktails from various fruits and berries. Especially when used in the combination with sweet bananas, strawberries and a little flavoring of orange.

Take care of your health and enjoy a combination of natural richness in the Sea-buckthorn Nectar!

Roberts Lācītis

Expert of Macrobiotics

The Sea-buckthorn Nectar produced by the Company Satori Alfa, Ltd, is a lively and wholesome addition to our daily ratio. According to the opinion of many consumers using this product on a regular basis, I can come to a conclusion that exactly the Sea-buckthorn Nectar helps to cleanse intestinal tract to remove all what is unwanted, improving immunity and increasing mucosal resistance. Within several months, functions of sex life are tended to increase radically for both male and female. It is just like that – when you take a sip, you start to look for another!

Thank you for discovering of so successful technology of sea-buckthorn processing and for using it to produce so healthy product!

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