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sea buckthorn nectar Goldberry with stevia

We produce nectar without any preservatives and stabilizers. Special packaging allows the pasterurized sea buckthorn nectar Goldberry to maintain the biologically active substances it contains, which has been confirmed in laboratory examinations.

The new product sea buckthorn nectar with stevia is a combination of PLANTS that is a healthy drink for daily use.
The stevia plant is a sweet gift from nature, which is a contemporary alternative to sugar and contains very few calories.
Stevia is highly suitable for people with weight problems or diabetes.
Scientific research and experience all over the world confirm that:
Stevia is approximately 300 times sweeter than sugar,
it is 100% natural and tastes like sugar.
It is more alkaline than lemons,
contains no calories and no carbohydrates, its glycaemic index is zero,
it does not affect blood sugar levels.
More information available on the website www.stevija.lv

  Sea buckthorn young shoots and leaf powder "Liveliness" (Možums) and seed pomace powder.

Using buckthorn, from ancient times both humans and animals have achieved positive changes in their health by healing themselves with leaves, bark and berries.

By different preparation of sea buckthorn products - seeds pomace or young shoots and leaf powder humans receive a  valuable substances -  three main antioxidants, 18 amino acids, 14 vitamins and pro-vitamins and carotenes. Sea buckthorn is the only one containing four unsaturated fatty acids - w-3 (reduce inflammation and relieve fatigue), w-6 (reduces probability of cancer), w-7 (reduces joint pain, eczema and psoriasis symptoms), w-9 (lowers cholesterol). Sea buckthorn plants contain about 150 different active substances and chemical compounds, and these substances reinforce each other in human body (pharmacological synergy ) and ensure proper physiological functioning of the body. Powder analysis shows a very large amount of iron -  70 mg/% in leaves and shoots and  46,2mg/% in seed pomace powder, as well as manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, magnesium. In addition, a small amount of calcium was found, which indicates that  iron will be well absorbed.

Powder of sea buckthorn leaves and young shoots is made with special care mode - maximum trying to keep both organic and inorganic values.

Buckthorn twig and leaf powder has particularly a lot of iron, manganese, zinc and copper. Copper is necessary for red blood cell production and is  important component of enzymes. Copper deficiency leads to a general feeling of weakness, skin irritation, difficulty breathing.

Iron provides a supply of oxygen to body tissues and carbon dioxide transport away from the tissues. By binding to a protein, iron forms hemoglobin in red blood cells - substance that delivers oxygen from lungs to body cells and also confers the characteristic red color of blood. Iron deficiency in  body causes fatigue, weakness, headaches and hair loss. The World Health Organization indicates that 51% of women suffer from a lack of iron in body. Many women with food can not compensate for iron losses, which are formed after menstruation. Also pregnant women are often seen in Fe deficiency and low hemoglobin.

Zinc is required for normal skin, hair and nail growth, and good wound healing because it has an important role in protein (body building material like bricks for house) synthesis and cell genetic information copying (transmission) during cell division and growth. Zinc is very important for a healthy immune system functioning, to be able to live wholesome - free of infections and tumors. There are reports that chronic zinc deficiency in the body can create favorable conditions for development of cancer.

Daily dose: One tablespoon (women who have iron-deficiency symptoms - up to 2 spoonfuls a day).

 Products can be used in different ways: add to salads, sift the sandwiches (powder is odorless and tasteless) or disperse in kefir, buttermilk, yogurt, allowing it to slightly moisten and mix. It would be good, if possible, use also other product - sea buckthorn seed pomace. They have more 14% of several oils, which is technologically not possible to get out of seeds. It will be good for your health if you use daily one spoonful of leaf powder "Liveliness" (Možums) and one spoon of sea buckthorn seed pomace powder to food.



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