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The Sea-buckthorn Nectar is a great source of polyvitamins to strengthen body, therefore, we suggest consuming it one or two glassful a day. Children would enjoy the Sea-buckthorn Nectar blended with banana and ice cream or milk.

Let’s be healthy!   

We suggest using of the Sea-buckthorn Nectar for following:

  • to strengthen immunity
  • to reduce  weariness
  • in circumstances of high stress
  • in case of overload
  • to reduce phlogistic processes
  • after the oncologic therapy
  • against anaemia
  • to strengthen walls of  blood vessels
  • to preclude  bleeding of teeth gums
  • to heal  hepatic diseases
  • to strengthen  hair and nails
  • to improve  general condition of  skin
  • to activate  operation of enzymes
  • to normalize a level of cholesterol
  • to stimulate an antioxidant system of a body
  • to prevent  cardiovascular diseases

We suggest not using the Sea-buckthorn Nectar in the case of acute phlogistic state of pancreas and cholecyst.

Persons suffering of a stomach or duodenal ulcer as well as those with intense gastric secretion should use our product attentively.

Feeling burn in your stomach or in the case of aggravation you can sweeten the Sea-buckthorn Nectar or dilute it with boiled water.

For those with decreased gastric secretion we suggest to consume the Sea-buckthorn Nectar before meal, sip slowly.

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